Shed Light on Genocide in Sudan

Starting Date: 11-05-2004
Starting Time: 4:30pm

Boston Commons
(beside Park St. T-Station)
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
United States
Take a stand against slavery and genocide! Please share this email with your email list-serves, friends and colleagues.

Over the past few months you have probably heard about genocide and slavery
in Sudan: over 70,000 black Sudanese have been killed, thousands of women
and children are being raped and forced into slavery, and villages all over
Sudan are being burned to the ground, creating millions of refugees and IDPs
(Internally Displaced Persons). The UN has called Sudan's Darfur "the worst
humanitarian crisis" of the 21st century, yet it has done virtually nothing
to stop the crisis.

The American Anti-Slavery Group, in conjunction with college student groups
throughout the Boston area (Harvard, BU, MIT, Northeastern, Suffolk, and
Emmanuel) will be holding a candlelight vigil on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5th at
4:30pm in Boston Common (near the Park St. Station.)

Donít remain silent. Be a part of the student movement to tell world leaders to stop genocide and slavery in Sudan. Please join us at the candlelight vigil and help make a difference.

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