SEAC National Convergence

Starting Date: 01-06-2005
Starting Time: 9:00am

Boston, Massachusetts
United States
The Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is a national network of young people working collectively towards environmental and social justice. Sixteen years of organizing and activism has taught us that it takes sustained coordination and planning on a national level to win concrete victories and build a strong youth movement.

The National Convergence is a chance for our National Council and any youth and student environmental and social justice groups to:

* Strategize
* Plan
* Network
* Skills Build
* Analysis Build
* Have lots and lots of fun!

We don't tell local groups what to do - we are the local groups, coming together, learning, teaching, and strategizing.

This meeting will be an exciting time for SEAC. By continuing to bring new people into our National Council and improving communications between local group members and SEAC National, our strategies and campaigns remain fresh, our community strengthens, and our network grows. As SEAC's National Council becomes more truly NATIONAL, our National Convergences become excellent opportunities to network and share experiences with some of the most awesome youth activists in this nation, inspiring us all towards greater heights!

In addition to local group representatives, all regional, state, or area coordinators; campaign coordinators; and those who are interested in becoming affiliated with SEAC should definitely come out to the National Convergence!
Geographical Scope: National

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