Student March Against AIDS

Starting Date: 02-26-2005

Washington, District of Columbia
United States
On February 26th, 2005, thousands of America’s youth will rally together in Washington, DC for one reason - to march against AIDS/HIV. The Student Global AIDS Campaign is organizing the largest youth march in US history in order to confront one of the greatest problems our world faces today. By bringing students and young people from all over the country into the nation’s capital, we plan to prove that today’s youth is concerned about the AIDS/HIV epidemic and prove that youth can – and will – take action. We will not stand on the sidelines when millions of people die each year from the AIDS virus. We will not stand by and let our government’s negligence of the global AIDS/HIV pandemic go on any longer. Instead, we will go to the Capitol and march in order to show the power of youth AIDS support. Our goal is to make our voices heard and make the government initiate changes needed in order to save lives.
Geographical Scope: National

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