Shedding Light on Genocide and Divestment in Sudan

Starting Date: 12-10-2004
Starting Time: 5:30pm

State House Steps
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
United States
The first genocide of the 21st century continues in Sudan, and despite the death toll of 70,000 and counting, the international community and the UN have largely refused to come to the aid of the 2 million Sudanese who have been forced into the desert, and the thousands more who have been raped and enslaved. The United Nations still refuses to acknowledge that these events constitute genocide.

You can stop Sudan's ability to use American money to finance its campaign of genocide -- and even use financial investments as a way to pressure the Sudanese regime to stop its killing. Even though the US has sanctions preventing American companies from doing business in Sudan, dozens of international corporations active in Sudan are traded on US stock markets. Many of these companies play a crucial role in Sudan's oil industry, which generates revenues that allow the Khartoum regme to buy weapons. Join activists from across the Boston area to protest these partnerships with Sudan and sign a petition to outlaw investment in these companies in Massachusetts. You will also hear testimony from student activists, a statement from Congressman Barney Frank, and music from Tufts University's sQ! acapella group.

Geographical Scope: Local

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