STARC Summer Institute 2005 - Application Date

Starting Date: 01-30-2005

San Francisco, California
United States
The Fourth Annual STARC Summer Institute (June-August 2005) is an intensive 8-week training program for youth and student activists from across the country taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area this summer. The Summer Institute will teach participants essential organizing skills through direct participation, while developing participants’ anti-oppression analysis. The program brings together eight to ten participants all coming from diverse personal and political backgrounds, and each will receive a small monthly stipend for their participation. Most importantly, all of this political work and personal development will take place within a challenging and supportive community.

Applications are due on January 30, 2005 and the program will be held from June-August 2005. For more information or an application, email Application will also be posted soon on our website.

The STARC Alliance is a national network of youth and student activists and organizers who are working for racial and economic justice through our programs and coalitions. As an entirely youth-lead and democratically run organization, we build power as youth and students to challenge a social and economic system that exploits resources while reinforcing privilege and oppression. While STARC continues to fight the increasing control corporations exercise over our schools, we recognize that true change comes through local grassroots organizing of and alongside traditionally marginalized communities that are most affected by economic injustice. Check out our website at to learn more about our history and campaigns. The Summer Institute is currently STARC’s major organizing project.

The STARC Summer Institute is composed of four different elements: Internships, Political Education, Individual Mentoring, and Community Building.

Through Internships with strategically selected non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area, participants will learn community-based organizing skills while working on various projects and campaigns. Previous host organizations have included The San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness, Green Action, Youth Gender Project, San Francisco Women Against Rape, The Day Laborers Program, PODER, Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, The Destiny Arts Center, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, and many other organizations in the Bay Area.

Political Education workshops held every Friday, along with selected reading materials, provide participants with skills and analysis applicable to the organizing work carried out at their internships. These are just a few of the trainings we have offered along with the presenters listed in parentheses: Leadership Development (Anti-Racism for Global Justice), Our Histories of Struggle (School of Unity and Liberation), Fundraising for Social Change (La Pena Cultural Center), Classism (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz), Queer Youth Issues (Community United Against Violence), Counter Military Recruitment: Connecting the Dots between Racism and Militarism (STARC), Environmental Racism (Green Action), and Israel/Palestine and Anti-Jewish Oppression (Jewish Youth Center).

Individual Mentoring allows participants to work through personal barriers to effective organizing. Through one-on-one mentoring participants connect personal relationships to political work.

Community Building is perhaps one of the most unique components of the STARC Summer Institute. Collective living gives participants the opportunity to create an intentional and supportive environment from which they will carry out their work and personal development. Each year we strive to select participants from different regions, cultural backgrounds, ethnic communities, and learning experiences.

Participant Fundraising: Participants selected for the Summer Institute are expected to do some fundraising; however, you will receive extensive one-on-one support from our fundraising committee. There is no minimum amount that participants must fundraise, we only ask that they access the resources that are available to them. Through the support of the fundraising committee, past participants have been able to fundraise between $200 and $2000 each. Along with a small monthly stipend, STARC will provide housing, and basic transportation and food.

After three consecutive years of operation the Summer Institute has become a well recognized program that makes positive social change by challenging the root causes of oppression on systemic and personal levels. The Summer Institute will begin around the second week of June depending on applicants’ school schedule, so please let us know your schedule ASAP.

***The STARC Alliance is an affirmative action network, womyn, queer people,
people of color, and poor people are very encouraged to apply!***

The STARC Summer Institute Application
This application is due January 30, 2005

Name: Email:

School/Community: Phone Number for January - May 2005:
Earliest you can be in the Bay Area in June (i.e., end of semester):

1. Please provide us with a personal her/history of your community involvement and organizing (1 pg max, 10 pt font min). You may also include other writings you feel may be relevant (poetry, articles you’ve written, etc – but please be concise).

2. What are you hoping to get out of the Summer Institute?

3. What role does building community serve in your organizing? Do you have experience living communally/cooperatively?

4. What role does challenging racism, sexism & gender, classism, and other oppressions have in the work you do and life you live?


Dec. 3rd: Announcement and applications are available
Jan. 30th: Applications due by midnight at
Feb. 1–14: During this time there will be phone interviews.
Mar. 1st: We’ll notify all applicants by this date if you’ve been accepted or on the waiting list.
*All dates are subject to change.

Geographical Scope: National

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