Young People for Fair, Accountable, Interdependent and Responsible US Global En

Starting Date: 04-01-2005
Ending Date: 04-03-2005

Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Call for Proposals/Introducing the Network and Conference
The Generation FAIR (Young People for Fair, Accountable, Interdependent and Responsible U.S. global engagement) Network is a loose network of non-profit organizations that work to identify and mobilize young people around progressive values and policy commitments that unite our campaigns. We believe the United States must use its power for efforts to create positive change in the world. The network works to advance just and responsible U.S. leadership by linking together campaigns for global justice.

The FAIR Conference organizers realize that while we may be working on different issues, we are united in our belief that we can and will make this world a better place for all. We understand that we cannot solve/improve one problem without addressing the other issues that are linked to it. We hope to inspire others to recognize the ways in whittle issues we work on are connected to other issues. For example we cannot fully address the living wage problems of sweatshops without also recognizing the environmental and health damages that sweatshops cause. By realizing the connections of different issues, we will be stronger in our efforts to bring about real social change

We plan this conference to be a place for making strong connections between issues and young leaders. We plan to articulate a youth vision for US Global engagement. We will develop much needed short and long-term goals for young people dedicated to the struggle. We hope that the organizers who meet at the conference can leave feeling that we have a unified youth movement that will make us stronger in our work. One of the most important and exciting parts of the conference are the planning sessions that will bring together individuals who will create action plans and receive funding to carry out their projects. This conference is an amazing opportunity for us to create a strong, unified youth movement that will address all of our demands.

What are you gonna do?
In 1-2 pages, share your workshop plan with us and we'll see what we can do. Please give as many specific details as you can envision with about20-50 people in your workshop. You've got about an hour and fifteen minutes.

What we do want
We want you to get outside yourself and think about how something you work on is related to other issues. For example, examine the connections between the human cost of wars and the environmental impacts. Presenters on different issues can come together to do a workshop that shows the connections between both (or more) topics. If you are willing to do this, let us know and we'll try to hook you up with another presenter. What this means is that if you want to do a workshop and are willing to work with someone else on developing something together to demonstrate connections, let us know and we'll make it happen! We want workshops where participants will have the chance to make connections with each other and between issues. Interactive is best, we can read a lecture in handouts! We also need skills workshop proposals.

How to submit a proposal
Along with your proposal, send your name, your organization's name (if you're with a group), full contact information, one reference and a short biography/description of yourself and/or your organization. E-mail it all to generationfair[at] The deadline for submittingproposals is Sunday, January 9th, 2005.
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