New Strategies for Justice: Corporate Law and Progressive Movements

Starting Date: 04-08-2005
Ending Date: 04-09-2005

Los Angeles, California
United States
The Equal Justice Society, & the Center on Corporations, Law & Society at Seattle University School of Law Present New Strategies For Justice: Linking CORPORATE LAW WITH PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL MOVEMENTS; Responding to these social and economic justice concerns, progressives have focused their efforts on addressing specific problems, such as racial equality, environmental protection, human rights, living wages, health care, safe workplaces, and peace and security. This wide array of concerns often has splintered progressives as they attempt to stem erosion of fundamental principles of justice without fully appreciating common factors that run through all of these issues. One such systemic issue is the misuse of corporate power. This conference will explore the evolution of corporate influence in the United States, as well as new intellectual, political, private sector and grassroots trends that are emerging to address how corporations can support public interest values of justice and equality. Hosted By UCLA School of Law.
Geographical Scope: Regional

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