Midwest BLGTA College Conference - 2005

Starting Date: 02-18-2005
Ending Date: 02-20-2005

St. Cloud, Minnesota
United States
Our vision is to both forge and strengthen coalitions amongst various communities, creating an environment that will educate people about all forms of oppression, discrimination and injustice faced by GLBTA communities. We plan to create dialogues around how these various issues affect members of the GLBTA communities and other marginalized groups. To embrace our individual differences and our similarities coming to a common ground to support one another in those differences while celebrating our similarities. To strive not to leave anyone behind and help everyone feel welcome, by learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of other movements. To establish a network of coalitions to share information and ideas, to ultimately give the conference back to the community. Provide knowledge that will allow conference attendees to return to their respective communities with the ability to create a more affirming and safe environment for all individuals
Geographical Scope: Regional


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