2005 GLTBQ Studies Conference - UNC Asheville

Starting Date: 03-31-2005
Ending Date: 04-03-2005

Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Gender Difference & Cultural Resistance
2005 GLBTQ Studies Conference at UNC Asheville
March 31-April 3, 2005, Asheville, NC
Keynote Speaker Judith Halberstam

The UNCA glbtq conference is dedicated to the investigation of genders and sexualities. This year, we invite submissions on the theme of gender resistance and queer counter knowledges. Elaborations on this theme might include:
∇ queer representations, expressions and cultures
∇ insider/outsider status in queer communities
∇ gender roles and identity politics
∇ queer activism
∇ same-sex marriage
∇ intersections of race, disability, and/or class
∇ queer pedagogy, curriculum and campus activism

We welcome a range of approaches and participants, including faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. All formats will be considered, including paper presentations (15-20 minutes), panels, workshops, exhibitions and performances. Panels will consist of 3 or 4 papers.
Early Registration ($60 faculty, $50 graduate students, $35 undergraduate students) due January 31, 2005. Full Registration ($70 faculty, $60 graduate students, $45 undergraduate students) payable at time of conference.
Judith Halberstam, a leading scholar of gender and sexuality studies, is a Professor of English at the University of Southern California. Her writings include Posthuman Bodies (1995, co-editor with Ira Livingston); Female Masculinity (1998); The Drag King Book (1999, co-author with LaGrace Volcano), and the forthcoming The Transgender Moment: Gender Flexibility and the Postmodern Condition (2004).
Geographical Scope: Regional


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