Public Forum--*The Case For Socialism*

Starting Date: 01-27-2005
Starting Time: 7:00pm

University Of Illinois-Chicago, 750 S. Halsted
Chicago Circle Center, The White Oak Room
Chicago, Illinois 60605
United States
312-458-9380, 312-
***The Case for Socialism***

When: Thursday, January 27, 7pm

WHY DO we live in a world of such obscene inequalities and terrible violence?

A world where 1.2 billion people survive on less than $1 a day. A world where the most powerful country on earth uses horrific weapons of mass destruction in a war for oil and empire. A world where the fat cats live the high life, while working people live in fear that they'll be standing in the unemployment line—or worse.

There is an alternative. The socialist alternative is based on the power of working people to fight together for a better world—and create a society based not on profit but on making a better life for everyone in it.

Attend this forum to debate and discuss the possibility of fighting for world based on human need instead of profit, oppression and war.

Where: White Oak Room
3rd Floor, Chicago Circle Center
750 S. Halsted
University of Illinois-Chicago

This is a forum of the
UIC International Socialist Organization.

For more information
call 312458-9380,
or visit
Geographical Scope: Local

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