Breaking America's Oil Addiction Chicago Summit and Activist Training

Starting Date: 02-18-2005
Starting Time: 5:00pm
Ending Date: 02-20-2005

University Of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 60637
United States
America is addicted to oil.

War in the Middle East...
Melting glaciers and burning rainforests...
Dirty air and asthma in our cities...
Human rights abuses overseas...

These symptoms are all part of a larger problem: America's Oil
Addiction is threatening our security, our health, and the future of
life on planet Earth!

It doesn't have to be this way. A clean energy future is possible!

This February, join a growing national movement to break America's Oil
Addiction. Learn about the issues and find out how you can join
cutting-edge campaigns to transform the auto industry, end destructive
oil investments, and usher in a clean energy revolution. Come to
Chicago from February 18-20 for a weekend of training, strategy, and
action! This training is co-sponsored by University of Chicago ECO.
Details are at:

Training Workshops will include:

Oil Impacts 101
Understanding the Oil Economy
Corporate Campaign Strategies
Volunteer Recruitment and Management
Campaign Strategy and Planning
Non-violent Direct Action Planning and Implementation
Staging Creative Actions, such as Street Theatre
Media and Activism
Public Speaking

Find out more and register online at:
If you have questions, please call Dan or Sarah at 415-398-4404, or
800-989-7246, or email

If you would like to schedule a speaking engagement by Dan or Sarah in
your community or on your campus in the 10 days leading up to this
training, please contact them at the information above.
Geographical Scope: National

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