March 20th Boston Rally and Protest

Starting Date: 03-20-2005
Starting Time: 1:00pm

Boston Common (Band Stand)
Boston, Massachusetts 02101
United States

March 20th, Iraq War Anniversary Protest and Rally

March 20th
Sunday 1:00 pm
Boston Common (bandstand)

Formally endorsed by:
Boston Mobilization
Socialist Alternative
United for Justice with Peace
Chelsea United for Peace
United for Peace and Justice
Framingham State College - Human Rights Action Committee
International Socialist Organization
Ralph Nader
International Action Center
Out Now Coalition
Mass Global Action
The Women's Fightback Network
Brookline Peace Works
Stonybrook Neighbors for Peace
Democracy for America (Framingham)
USWA Local 8751
Tufts Coalition Opposed to the War in Iraq
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Military Families Speak Out
District Seven Round Table
Moniscous Magazine
Merrimack Valley People For Peace
Alliance of Black Union Workers
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
House of Peace
City Councilor Felix Arroyo
International Action Center
Lesley Women for Social Justice

Anti-war groups all over the world are planning
demonstrations for the second anniversary of the U.S.
invasion of Iraq. United For Peace and Justice has
called for local demonstrations in towns and cities all over the U.S.

In our view, March 19 demonstrations in Boston could
represent a significant step forward in the direction
of building a massive organized opposition to the war
in Boston and across the United States..

*U.S. out of Iraq - bring the troops home now
*$80 Billion for jobs, education, housing and healthcare –
not war and occupation
*Military recruiters out of our schools, end “stop
loss,” no draft

We are looking for active participation from
community groups, activists and leaders who as a whole
represent much of greater Boston’s diverse working
class: trade unions, groups from communities of color,
women’s groups, immigrant rights groups, anti-racist
groups, LGBT rights groups, youth groups, neighborhood
associations, veteran groups, church groups, etc.

If your group wishes to get involved or formally endorse Boston's March 19th efforts please contact:

Alison Ramer
Boston Mobilization
(425) 466 0248

Subscribe to our list serve by sending an email to:
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