10th Annual Project LEAD Environmental Activist Training

Starting Date: 07-30-2005
Ending Date: 08-04-2005

Georgetown University
Washington, District of Columbia 20003
United States
Project LEAD: Leadership for Environmental Action & Development

Free The Planet!'s Project LEAD, Leadership for Environmental Action & Development, is a six-day summer leadership training in Washington, DC. This comprehensive training gives student environmental leaders the grassroots organizing skills and the knowledge of environmental issues they need to run and win campaigns to protect the environment and to build a rockin' student group that will stay strong after they graduate.

Areas Covered by the Training

Environmental Issues and Campaigns:Through issue and campaign briefings, participants learn about today's most critical environmental issues and the campaigns that students and citizens are running to make an impact on them. They also get hands-on experience by doing campaign activities around one of Free The Planet!'s national campaigns, such as petitioning, organizing a rally, getting media attention for the campaign and meeting with members of congress and their staff.

Grassroots Organizing Skills: Participants learn skills to effectively take action on national and campus campaigns to protect the environment through trainings and small group practice. They also develop the skills to build a strong group at their school that will last after they graduate.

Fun!: Participants have the opportunity to hang out with other students who are engaged in protecting the environment. We do fun, free or cheap activities each night around DC. We may also plan a tour of the U.S. Capitol on Thursday afternoon for those who don't have to leave right away to travel home.

What Last Year's Participants Had To Say
"I feel I'm leaving the training with so much information I didn't have before. I am very glad I attended and had the opportunity to hear speakers from different groups speaking on a broad range of environmental issues."
- Kelli, Oklahoma

"Project LEAD was probably the best experience I had this summer!"
- Victoria, Louisianna

"I feel a lot better about how to organize anything. I'm happy to see that we're not alone and we can make an impact."
- Neil, Pennsylvania

"I learned a lot and it surpassed my expectations."
- Hilary, Virginia

Go to www.freetheplanet.org/lead to find out more and apply!
Geographical Scope: National

Free The Planet!District of Columbia


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