Chicago Social Forum

Starting Date: 05-01-2005

Chicago, Illinois 60605
United States
The Chicago Social Forum is one of a number of regional and local social forums being organized throughout the world. At the forum, organizations, groups and individuals are able to build alliances and coalitions that strengthen their ability to make more positive changes in their communities.

Politicians and business interests are pushing Chicago to become a "Global City." The Chicago Social Forum aims toward building a different kind of globalization, one that is rooted in solidarity, equity, and environmental protection and human rights. Of particular importance to this process is the linking of local struggles with global concerns.
On January 31, 2004 the Chicago Social Forum held an inaugural event that attracted over 500 participants for a day of workshops, forums, debates, performance, sharing, art-making, and discussion united by the theme "Another Chicago is Possible!" The Chicago Social Forum 2005 promises to be even more exciting and empowering.
Geographical Scope: State

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