Crosscurrents of Global Social Justice: Class, Gender, and Race

Starting Date: 05-12-2005
Ending Date: 05-15-2005

Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
United States
Speakers Include:

Alejandro Portes

Alejandro Portes is Howard Harrison and Gabrielle Snyder Beck Professor of Sociology and director of the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton University. Read more >>

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly is a social anthropologist with an interest in international development. She was an early student of export-processing zones in Asia and Latin America with special attention to Mexico's maquiladora program. Read more >>

Frances Fox-Piven

A well-known political scientist, social critic and activist, Piven has expertise ranging from social welfare, public health and public policy to voting behavior, comparative labor parties in industrial democracies and women's politics. Read more >>

Judith Blau

Judith Blau is a Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and co-founder and U.S. Chapter Coordinator for Sociologists Without Borders. Read more >>

Michael Zweig

Michael Zweig is Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for the Study of Working Class Life at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he has received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Read more >>

Walda Katz-Fishman

Walda Katz-Fishman is a scholar activist and popular educator who combines her research and teaching interests in class, race/ethnicity/nationality, and gender inequality and political economy with political activism in bottom-up struggles for economic equality and race and gender justice. Read more >>

Jerome W. Scott

Jerome Scott is a labor and community organizer and popular educator who brings activists and scholars together for popular economic and political education and action research to develop new leadership for building today’s bottom-up movement for fundamental social change. Read more >>

Graeme Chesters

Dr Graeme Chesters is Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Local Policy Studies at Edge Hill, UK. He is part of the editorial collective Notes from Nowhere who edited/wrote: We Are Everywhere: the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism (Verso: 2003) and the co-author (with Ian Welsh) of Complexity and Social Movements: Protest at the Edge of Chaos (Routledge: 2005 - forthcoming). Read more >>

Dan Swinney

Dan Swinney has 35 years of community and labor organizing as well as community-development experience. He worked for 13 years as a machinist in the Chicago area and organized Steelworker Local 8787 at G+W Taylor Forge in Cicero, Illinois and served as Vice President. Taylor Forge closed in 1983.
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