Refugee Workshop: Evangelicals Transcend Cultural, Race & Language Barriers

Starting Date: 05-21-2005
Starting Time: 8:30am

360 Canco Road
Portland, Maine 04101
United States
Admission is free (bring your lunch)9:00AM-5:00PM
Places of worship have unique advantages often ignored by activists: regular weekly captive audience, system for collecting, disbursing and reporting funds, tax exempt privileges for donors, opportunities for networking and missions that are largely centered around loving, caring and serving humanity. For example; “…the Son of man came not to be served but to serve others and give his life…” Jesus of Nazareth. In a materialistic culture, places of worship need the enthusiasm, zeal and dynamism of activists if they are to remain alive and relevant in society. Activists need to listen, learn and communicate with people outside their group. Torli Krua is seeking to organize small groups of human rights activists within churches. Their mission is to inspire, inform and involve parishioners in the real world through advocacy, fundraising and cross-culture dialogue to benefit local and national grassroots and community-based organizations. This workshop is intended to target evangelical Christians. However, it will certainly benefit anyone serious about communicating with other human beings from diverse backgrounds, religions, cultures and ethnicity. Presented by Torli Krua, President, universal Human Rights International, Rev. Mahn Krua, founder of Ziah Mission, Dr. Gregg Ditwiler, Emmanuel Gospel Center.

Geographical Scope: State

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