Globalization and Empire: Discourses and Practices of Resistance

Starting Date: 06-03-2005
Ending Date: 06-05-2005

Boston, Massachusetts 02108
United States
Keynote Speaker: Leo Panitch

Building on our very successful 2004 conference at the University of Oxford, “Globalization or Imperialism? Theoretical and Practical Perspectives,” this year’s conference will continue the discussion we started there. What difference does it make if a resistance movement is characterized as “against globalization,” “for global justice,” or “anti-imperialist?” Do those who speak of “Empire” mean something different from those who speak of “Imperialism?” How should we assess the present US government’s claim that it is spreading democracy through conquest?

We invite three kinds of papers:
Theoretical analyses of the discourses of globalization and/or empire,
Empirical analyses of the present conjuncture, either globally or as applied to particular regions or countries, and
Studies of global, national, and local movements of resistance, whether focused on the activities or the theoretical discourse of such movements.

The conference will begin the afternoon of 3 June and continue through 5 June. There will be a wine reception, keynote speaker, and conference dinner on the night of 3 June. Rooms with breakfast are available on the Suffolk University campus for US$69 per night. Double rooms are also available, as are extended stays.
Geographical Scope: National

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