Socialism 2005 - Build the Left Alternative

Starting Date: 07-01-2005
Ending Date: 07-04-2005

Chicago, Illinois 60625
United States
We live at a time when billions are spent on an increasingly unpopular war while politicians plot to rob retirees and the disabled of their Social Security; when the Democratic Party talks more about finding "common ground" with conservatives than of opposing them; and when the media acts as a propaganda arm of the Pentagon and the U.S. government. Clearly, the need for an alternative on the left—an alternative that speaks to the millions of ordinary people who are fed up with war, attacks on workers and threats to our civil rights—is more pressing than ever. Building that alternative is up to us—and Socialism 2005 is a great place to start.

Marchers in a demonstration against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, San Francisco, March 2005.

Socialism 2005 provides a forum where activists from today’s fightbacks can come together to discuss how we can rebuild the left and win a world where ordinary people will decide the priorities of our society.

You’re invited to take part in more than 100 discussions on the issues facing activists and the left today, the socialist tradition, political theory and much more—all aimed at arming a new generation with the ideas they need to change the world.
Geographical Scope: National


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