Seventh Annual Southern Girls Convention

Starting Date: 06-17-2005
Ending Date: 06-19-2005

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801
United States
SGC 2005 will be held on the weekend of Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19, on the campus of Louisiana State University, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Check-in will begin at 4pm on Friday afternoon. There will be entertainment and social events (such as live music and movie shows) on Friday night. Sessions will begin on Saturday morning at 9:00 am and continue until 5:00 pm Saturday evening. For entertainment and socializing there will be live music and movies shows again on Saturday night. Sessions will begin at 9:00 am on Sunday morning and will continue until 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon.
Why a Southern Girls Convention?

The history of the South is a history of oppression--of misogyny, militant white supremacy, classism, homophobia. But it is also a history of radical resistence: the home of Sarah and Angelina Grimké, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Casey Hayden and Rita Mae Brown. As Southern feminists that history is our history; and the realities we confront in our lives today come out of those two sides of the South. Southern Girls Convention is devoted to exploring those two sides and coming together to change them from within.

We are holding a Southern Girls Convention because we choose to embrace our history of struggle and to join it. We refuse to write off the South, and as Southerners we refuse to let the bullies and tyrants of history act in our name. Deep in the heart of the so-called “Red States” we are working together to continue the South's unique history of struggle, to make our home a more free, safe, and just place to live. To build the Beloved Community. Because the free and constructive flow of ideas, questions, and information about our lives and our communities, without fear of ridicule or backlash, will benefit our communities--and people everywhere.

We are holding the Southern Girls Convention because we need to unite, create a network, and become empowered. Because the South is our home. Our struggle is here. Our time is now.
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