Cultural Awareness Celebration

Starting Date: 05-28-2005
Starting Time: 10:00am

777 Williams Road
Salinas, California 93905
United States
A group of about 50 dedicated student came together to organize this event. Our part of our city has a negative image an we are tying to prove everyone that it is not waht they think it is. A local news station broadcasted a report on East Salinas, they made it look really scary. They made it seem as if there are only gangmembers in EastSalinas. It is not relly true, there are many positive things that we have to offer. We will try to show everyone in this event. First, we will have a showcase, at our local library, of students work from different ethnic groups that shows their linguistic achievements. Then students will provide a walking tour of a two- block area of the ALisal Community. We will conclude at Alisal High School where students will perform different ethnic songs and dances. We will also have different ethnic dishes that will be sold at a resonable price (mone collected will be donated to our libraries). Questions or comments please contact Mrs. Ethelvina McDowell at (831)796-7600
Geographical Scope: Local

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