The Not In Our Name National Day of Youth & Student Action

Starting Date: 11-20-2002

Berkeley, California
United States
The Not In Our Name Project is calling for a National Day of Youth & Student Action against the juggernaut of war and repression the US government has unleashed on the world. On Wednesday, November 20th, thousands of us must take history into our hands and do all we can to resist the unjust, immoral, and illegitimate war that the U.S. government is planning to unleash on the people of Iraq.
To go up against all this we need a powerful movement of millions, refusing to let this war be waged in our names, and determined to stop it from being waged at all. Students have a special role to play in all this - throughout history it is the youth who have always been the first to step out there and build determined resistance, inspiring and making room for others to resist.
Not in Our Name Bay Area Youth/Student Resources and Organizing Kit:
Students and youth, contact Not in Our Name youth/student organizer Xochitl to get involved:

- let her know which school your from.

Events and schools participating in the Nov. 20th Not In Our Name National Day of Student Youth Resistance
Southern Cal schools and organizations involved
CSUN, LACC, ELAC, PCC, SMC, Moorpark College, Pitzer College, UCLA, USC, Glendale CC, Venice High, Santa Monica High, Cal Arts, College of the Canyons, PHAT Net, Wise Up!, R&R! Youth Network, Occidental College, El Camino College, LACC, YSN of October 22nd Coalition...
East Coast schools involved
Hunter, the New School, SVA (I think), Columbia, Hunter High School, LaGuardia, Stuy, and a bunch of other schools with Youthbloc which I am not sure of. Not all of these schools are doing the walkout, but they all have seperate events planned. The New School is doing a die-in, Hunter is having a teach-in, stuff like that. Then students are probably coming later on to Union Square.

Other cities and internationally

As far as other cities, we have been getting e-mails from all over the place; Northern CA, Hartford, Oklahoma. We have even gotten e-mails from Germany, France and Pakistan from students who are trying to organize something for the 20th. And of course, at the meeting this weekend, their were people from Philly, LA, S.F. Bay Area, Seattle, Hampshire College all of whom are organizing some sort of event

Local Campus Organizing
USF, Mills, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Chico,City College, Sf State, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis
Activities include teach-ins, banner drops, Guerrilla Theater, Polls, Rallies and more.

Here are some ideas from Osage in New York for how to create a buzz on campus for events.
Here were some of my ideas: In the days leading up to NOV 20 --
1. Take a poll on how the students are feeling about the war (the person who posted about Mills madae me think of that).
2. Hand out fact sheets and maybe have something at the bottom that says like, "This is the serious shit the Asses of Evil are planning. What can WE do to stop them? How can we show them we're SERIOUS? That standing with the people of the world and opposing our government's injustices are the MAIN priorities in our lives?" "We will not be lied to" or "our futures depend on THIS, not whether we skip math" (something sharper than that last point, but I think you know what I'm getting at) :-)
3. Stage (formal/informal) debates between students and/or teach-ins with someone (like Miles Solay out here) representing NION.
4. Wear the NION t-shirts and take the pledge. In class, at lunch, etc. Ask teachers to lead students in taking the pledge.
5. The globe flag. Hang them in classrooms, on the flag pole, etc.
6. Then, on NOV 19, SATURATE the schools with flyers, etc.
This way you kinda create a buzz and people get a sense of the seriousness of the situation

Geographical Scope:

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