Action Out Loud! 5 day Youth Advocacy Training Camp

Starting Date: 08-08-2005
Starting Time: 9:00am
Ending Date: 08-12-2005

Chicago, Illinois 60604
United States
312-427-4460 ext 236
Action Out Loud! is a 5-day training camp designed to teach youth the skills needed to take action for social change on sexual health issues. During the week, young people will get in-depth training on specific sexual health issues. They will also be learn skills needed to address these issues through advocacy and organizing, voter education, media, public speaking, and much more. With the help of adult and youth experts, Action Out Loud! participants will come up with their own specific plans of action using everything they learned throughout the week. Some projects designed by youth at the event will be supported by ICAH staff and resources into the fall semester.

Here is what some of the youth from last year had to say about Action Out Loud! - many of these youth continue to do sexual health activism projects in their communities, or have helped with statewide advocacy efforts on sex education:

"Through the training I have been able to gain the confidence and knowledge to make a difference."

"I've read a lot about strategies on how to take action to accomplish a goal, but that wasn't enough. Here I got to really experience the contagious excitement that people

"I could honestly say that I have the potential and the right tools to not only make a difference in my school but also in my community."
Geographical Scope: Local

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