Rally/Lobby Against Arctic Drilling in Budget Bill

Starting Date: 09-20-2005
Starting Time: 0:00am

Washington DC Capitol South
DC Mall
Washington, District of Columbia 20012
United States
On September 20, 2005, the Arctic Refuge Action coalition is planning a rally on the DC mall to protest the 2005 Budget Reconciliation, which if passed would include provisions to begin drilling on the coastline of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Besides affecting habitat and wildlife, the drilling on the coastline would also threaten the tradition of the Gwi' chin Tribe, that depend on the Porcupine Caribou Herd for subsistence and spirituality. The passage of the budget would also mean cuts to social programs such as medicaid, food stamps and veteran's benefits.
We are trying to get as many people there as possible as we well know that numbers translate into publicity, and that the more voices we have, the better chance we have of stopping this budget. The plan is to send people into the Capitol to lobby every Representative (and moreso). Even though we have grassroots organizers, we know that open-ended invites could help maximize attendance. We also know that we are facing a cold political climate that often leaves the progressive community and their leaders feeling defeatist. Therefore we are hoping that groups with vested interests in environmental protection/conservation can pool their resources and come join us for this extremely important event. We hope that YOU can join us. I am willing to provide advice and would like to know if you are interested. I understand that this is coming during the short notice, but still hope that there will still be time to recruit people to come, or urge members of your association to join in this event. Any questions, please call me at (202) 797-6604. Please visit www.ArcticRefugeAction.org for more information.


Laura Kiesel, Research Associate
Public Land, National Wildlife Federation

Arctic Refuge Action Coalition includes: Alaska Coalition, The Alaska Wilderness League, Defenders of Wildlife, The Gwich'in Steering Committee, Earthjustice, Episcopal Church USA, The League of Conservation Voters, The National Audubon Society, The Natural Resources Defense Council,The National Wildlife Federation, The National Wildlife Refuge Association, Northern Alaskan Environmental Center, R.E.P. America, The Sierra Club, U.S. PIRG, The Washington Association of Churches, The Wilderness Society, The World Wildlife Fund and Trustees for Alaska
Geographical Scope: National
Day of Action

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