Chicago Tour: The Case for Socialism

Starting Date: 09-01-2005
Starting Time: 7:00pm
Ending Date: 09-09-2005

Chicago, Illinois 60637
United States

Featuring Socialist Worker editor and author of "The Case for Socialism," Alan Maass.

7pm Thursday, September 1
University of Illinois-Chicago
750 S. Halsted

7pm Wednesday, September 7
Northeastern Illinois University
5500 N. St. Louis

7pm Thursday, September 8
Harold Washington College
30 E. Lake

We live in a world where millions of children die each year because they lack food—while the rich get richer. A world where the living standards of workers and the poor continue to erode. A world threatened by environmental catastrophe. A world threatened by war for oil and empire. Socialists argue that another world—a socialist world—is possible. One in which people come before profit and working people control society democratically, putting the world's resources toward meeting human needs.

Come to these forums to discuss how to organize for that kind of world—and how we can organize and urgently needed political alternative to a world of war, poverty, racism, sexism and homophobia.

Check out Socialist Worker Online at

Alan Maass' book, "The Case for Socialism" is available online from Haymarket Books.

Jeffrey St. Clair, co-editor of CounterPunch on Alan Maass' "The Case for Socialism":

"Amid the wreckage of the Bush/Clinton/Bush imperium, many leftists have surrendered to a kind of smug fatalism, content to be sideline critics of the machine. Not Alan Maass. In vivid and urgent prose, he chronicles the grotesque depredations of the neolibs and neocons alike, then gets down to the real work of illuminating a path out of the sucking abyss.

"His book charts a game plan for realistic radicals, who haven't given up hope for making revolutionary changes in a society that finds itself in the grip of a remorseless political entropy. Take cheer: History isn't over. In fact, it's hardly even begun for us. Read Maass. Then go out and make some."
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