FTM 2005: A Gender Odyssey

Starting Date: 09-02-2005
Ending Date: 09-05-2005

Seattle, Washington 98102
United States
FRI - MON SEPT 2 - 5, at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle; FTM 2005: A GENDER ODYSSEY, a national conference for masculine-identified people who were assigned female gender at birth. It is place for us to gather together, share our lives, speak our truths, learn from one another, and celebrate our communities. This conference offers workshops addressing the practical aspects of trans lives, including: legal issues; intersections of race and gender; coming out to family and friends; transitioning at work; hormones and surgery; and dating, sex, and relationships. keynote speaker Kate Bornstein, a high femme, transsexual dyke performance artist, author, playwright, and social activist. Accompanying events include a vendor fair, art exhibit, cabaret, all-ages dance, and much more. This conference is open to anyone interested in the topics to be covered. Whether you are new to thinking about your gender, well established in your chosen gender, FTM, trans, genderqueer, MTF, part of an these communities because of the people you love, or simply questioning the role of gender in your life, FTM 2005: A Gender Odyssey is open to you.
Geographical Scope: National


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