Scholars and Student Affairs Personnel Involved in LGBTQ on Catholic Campuses

Starting Date: 10-28-2005
Ending Date: 10-29-2005

Santa Clara, California
United States
How do LGBTQ Studies student affairs personnel and scholars who address LGBTQ issues pursue their work on Catholic campuses? Is the
institutional mix like oil and water, or do we have more in common with other universities
than the general public might guess? At a historical moment when the climate for dialogue within institutional Catholicism is chilly, what is the responsibility of the Catholic college or university in facilitating
critical conversations regarding sexuality, freedom of inquiry,
religious faith, and the pursuit of justice?

"Out There" will bring together student affairs personnel and faculty to discuss the challenges and opportunities for doing our jobs in Catholic institutional contexts. Panels, workshops, discussion groups, and
keynote speakers will address issues of scholarship, curriculum, pedagogy, campus climate, and support for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff.

One's session might cover such topics as current scholarly research, creating lesbian/gay studies courses, developing lessons for integration into broader courses, improving campus climate for students, making/disclosing identities, support services for students in crisis, handling the extra workload of campus service on gay/lesbian issues, and addressing student attitudes toward LGBTQ programming and course material.

We seek a mix of panels, workshops, and discussion sessions that cover
student affairs, scholarly, and pedagogical issues.

In addition to concurrent presentations throughout the day on Saturday, there will be keynote addresses on both days of the conference (speakers
to be announced). The student affairs and faculty tracks will run
independently, but there will be opportunities to discuss connections and overlapping issues between student affairs and faculty work.

Santa Clara University is a Jesuit University in the San Francisco Bay
Area, easily accessible to the San Jose and San Francisco airports.

Please submit program proposals of no more than 300 words (75 minutes
session). Provide background on how the subject matter of your program
relevant to the conference theme and how your session will help student
affairs professionals. Your program should be relevant to the
theme and should do one of the following:
. Present current research on LGBTQ students in institutions of
. Teach application of theory to practice
. Present best practices, model programs or services for working
LGBTQ students

Your proposal should clearly state the goals and learning outcomes for
session including a title and abstract of no more than 30 words, which
be used in the program. The abstract should tell participants who will
benefit from your program, what they will learn, and what level of
participant interaction is expected.

Please include the name, title, institution or organization, and highest
degree of lead presenter for each program submission. Co-presenter
information can be submitted when confirming the program. Program
submissions must be received no later than December 31, 2004, and will
notified of selection by January 31, 2005. All presenters must
for the conference upon confirming the program.
Geographical Scope: National


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