The Home Oven

2100 14th Ave. S.
Apt. A
Seattle, Washington 98144
United States
a collection of friends committed to aiding and abetting conservation efforts of all stripes, whether helping with actions, canvassing or just supplying warm bodies when a group needs some local help. We support Critical Mass, the RAN, Greenpeace and other environmentally friendly endeavors. We are articulate, thoughtful and commited to a host of causes, but have little direction at the moment for our efforts. The Home Oven consists of about a dozen members (several of whom attend Seattle Central Community College), and while informal, can be counted on to come through in a clutch. Any suggestions or opportunities to help spread the word about peak oil, social imbalance and the ongoing eradication of all kinds of life on earth would be appreciated. We'd like to help where we can. Thank you for being there.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 01-26-2005
Updated on 01-26-2005

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