Student Peace Action at UIUC

Urbana, Illinois 61801
United States
We are committed to campus grassroots activities that work at raising awareness and activity about the way your federal tax dollar is used in absurd and often genocidal ways. As Noam Chomsky has stated, "The fact is that the superpowers - and many lesser powers as well - are ruining their economies and threatening world peace, indeed human survival, by a mindless commitment to military production for themselves and for export." The end to such anti-human practices is the way to improve conditions worldwide and reduce anxiety over humanity's uncertainy future.

We are in support of a gradual international abolishment of nuclear weapons, and a vast decrease in military spending. We are in opposition to forms of warfare that target innocent civilians
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 09-24-2002
Updated on 09-24-2002


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