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NGOabroad is a clearinghouse, referral & career consultation service that custom-fits peoples' skills with international humanitarian needs.

Who is needed? People with a passionate desire for humanitarian service.
Professionals, retirees, students, ordinary people and families.

Skills that are especially needed:
.. Social Workers, Counselors, Domestic violence workers
.. Managers, community organizers, grant writers
.. Refugee and immigrant workers and advocates
.. Women's rights advocates and organizers
.. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing & sales
.. Accountants, bankers and bookkeepers
.. Nurses, Midwives, ARNP
.. Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists
.. Physical and Occupational Therapists
.. Disability experts and advocates
.. Lawyers; Human Rights activists
.. Journalists, photographers and media
.. Computer and web wizards
.. Teachers, tutors and people who love children
.. Builders and people in the trades
.. Architects and engineers
.. Farmers, environmentalists, foresters and nutritionists
.. Theatre, music, archeology, logistics...
.. "I have dreamed my whole life of working abroad
but I don't fit any of the above categories."
Your contribution is also needed!

For more information, see
If interested, email:
1)briefly state your skills, interests and goals
2)copy & paster your resume (do not attach)
3)write your skill set in the subject line
or call 1-877-237-1965 Pacific time
toll free in the US, Canada or the Caribbean

This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: International
Added on 09-15-2005
Updated on 09-19-2006

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