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Al-Nakba, cataclysm or catastrophe in Arabic, refers to the plight of the Palestinians, the people according to Zionists in the "land without a people". In 1948, a mass expulsion and exodus following numerous massacres of around 1,000,000 Palestinians from their homes in order to form a Zionist Jewish-majority state know as Israel. Beginning in 1967, the military occupation and continued colonialization of more Palestinian communities in order for the enforcement of that Zionist Jewish-majority structure. While, ironically, the Jewish and Palestinian people are both historically oppressed, the contemporary daily reality of a Palestinian experiencing not only military occupation but state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing is essentially incomparable to that of his or her Israeli neighbor who lives with relatively few restrictions and a substantially higher standard of living. Palestinians, like many Jews up until the founding of Israel, have never had an oppurtunity in forming their own political order absent from external interventions.

Nakba '48 is a student organization of Americans, Palestinians, Arabs, Christians, Muslims and Jews who seek to foster awareness of the struggle of the Palestinian people against the continual everyday denial of fundamental rights as humans. Too often the life of the Palestinian under the boot of Israel goes unheard, ignored, spun and suppressed. We aim to combat the prevalent dehumanizing narrative by engaging the community through dialogue, a journal, charity, speakers, films, performances, and other constructive activities. Membership is open to all students and faculty who are interested in learning about the Palestinian struggle against Zionist oppression and working towards a just peace for all in one of the longest active military occupations in our day.
This is a campus group.
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