Witness to Innocence

P.O. Box 34725
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19109
United States
Witness to Innocence challenges the American public to grapple with the problem of a fatally flawed criminal justice system that sends innocent people to death row. Designed to shift public opinion against capital punishment, the project is an educational vehicle that plays a critical role in the anti-death penalty movement.

Witness to Innocence is spearheaded by former death row prisoners who have been exonerated and released from death rows across the United States and who are now actively engaged in the struggle to end the death penalty. These courageous witnesses bring a human face to the death penalty that no one else can. Through their compelling stories, they illuminate the unfairness and immorality of capital punishment – and in turn move citizens and public opinion more than any ordinary politician or activist can ever hope to do.

Interested in organizing a speaking event featuring an exonerated death row prisoner? Speakers are available for colleges, religious communities, organizations and community groups. Witness to Innocence can help you organize an inspiring educational event that will move audiences with the compelling testimony of someone who has survived death row.

For more information, phone 215-243-0505 or contact us via our online form.
Witness to Innocence is a project of the Moratorium Campaign.
This is a non-campus group.
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