Zions Blackbear Club

1528 1/2 Lee St Apt D
Charleston, West Virginia 25301
United States
My group is to help people to have a mind for the future and make our goals as humans now. We want to stand for all thats right. We love our kids and we all face an ugly war that we can stop. Its a war of racism is the main focus. How do you see the ideal future? Is there a God? What sould humans do and believe? Sould smoking be banned for good? Whats best for us all? How do we improve behavior in school? Is rap music posion to us all? How can we get along with African Americans? Please be involved we all owe it to ourselves and if you have anwser to my questions let me know.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 04-20-2006
Updated on 04-20-2006

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