Albanian Youth Alliance

Rruga E Elbasanit
Fakulteti I Gjuheve Te Huaja
Tirana, AL
Brief History:
Albanian Youth Alliance (AYA) was started by a free will of a group of students from different faculties of the University of Tirana in the winter of 2005. AYA was officially established as a separate NGO on 18th of April 2006.

Main Objectives:
- Promote and initiate active participation of youth in the society;
- Work on the social recognition of youth involvement;
- Create a favorable environment of communication and action for its members and
to represent their youth policy interests;
- Stand for the consistency of youth work in Albania;
- Encourage volunteerism;
- Continue the development of AYA as the main platform for all youth organizations

Main means for meeting the objectives:
- Participate in the creation of legislation regarding youth;
- Be a channel of communication between the youth, the state
institutions, and the private sector;
- Compile and distribute information regarding youth work;
- Inform the youth of their opportunities;
- Provide advocacy to its members;
- Offer various training opportunities;
- Encourage co-operation between youth organizations
- Represent youth organizations in Albania and abroad

Working Languages:
English (in relation to international issues)

- General Assembly (supreme authority)
- Board
- Bureau (Executive Director + Project Coordinators)
- Auditing Committee
- 3 Chambers of Members (national, political, student organizations)
- Working Groups (formed based on need)
- Round Tables (formed based on need)
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
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