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The Politics, Economics & Culture of Radical Change

An online ‘think tank without walls’ dedicated to critical debate and analysis for the mass movements of today.

We are part of a global network of activists, organizers and intellectuals who believe that solving our most pressing political, economic, social and environmental problems requires a revolutionary transformation on a global scale.

We begin on a ‘micro level’ in each country, contending in all spheres - state, market, civil society, culture - with the most reactionary, ‘low road’ elements of capital, both local and global. We seek popular and worker’s control of all vital institutions, through radical structural reform through broad alliances among labor, community, youth and ‘high road’ elements of the business community.

We are part of the global left. We distinguish ourselves, first, by our conviction that markets are part of socialism and the struggle to attain it where we must contend and second, that all economies are subsets of an ecosystem whose imperatives are ignored at the peril of all. We also recognize that the socialisms of the past have met with deep crisis and evolutionary dead ends. We are trying to engage that theoretical crisis head-on, reaffirming the well-known conviction that there can be no revolutionary movement without revolutionary theory.

Theory for us, however, is not clinging to old dogma, but looking at the 21st Century afresh, rooted in practice, and requiring new hypotheses, new policy, and new strategy and tactics. is dedicated to helping drive the theoretical discussion and to assisting organizers in their practical work.

Read our organizing principles in the article ‘Where to Begin.’ (

If you believe you are in the same ballpark, we invite you to join us in this project. If not, we still invite you participation and criticisms in the discussion we present here.

To contact us for help organizing in your community send an e-mail to us: is edited by Carl Davidson, Jerry Harris and David Schweickart.
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