Free of Kings

Olympia, Washington 98507
United States
Free of Kings is a not-for-profit group engaged in a project to create a radical, co-op (member-owned) free speech alternative to social networking websites.

Many of the largest social networking websites are owned by right-wing groups, multinational corporations, or a small clique of volunteers which puts censorship into the hands of a few power-tripping individuals. (owned by Fox news, an extremist right-wing, war-promoting multinational media corporation),, (a multinational corporation, owned by Google),, (corporate owned),, (charges over $25.00 per month) and various news websites (run by a few volunteer individuals).

Many of these social networking websites also are using people who sign up for their services like a tool because they use oppressive corporate advertisements to fund their ‘free’ services. Many of these websites also are censoring activists and deleting the accounts or news articles of activists simply because they are in positions of power. Social networking websites are a form of media which continues to expand, yet multinational corporations are trying place themselves in the positions of Kings of such a valuable media resource. Only in a dictatorship, or a monarchy run by a King, are such powerful media resources controlled by so few people. If such resources were not-for-profit and opensource people could free themselves of these self-empowered Kings.

This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Regional
Added on 11-22-2006
Updated on 11-22-2006

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