Suffolk Conscious Connection

Suffolk Community College
533 College Road
Selden, New York 11784
United States
Conscious Connection is a student club whose mission is to heighten awareness of our inherent global connection and interdependence. It is an attempt to raise spiritual and social consciousness, to consider justice as a solution to war, to work for conservation measures and sustainability rather than environmental exploitation, to grow compassion and love, not vengeance and fear, to advocate cooperation, not competition. We wish to foster the concept of the entire world as an extension of oneself, not separate, expendable, or subordinate. We breathe the same air and drink the same water, constantly exchanging molecules and energy with each other. Therefore, we are each other. The water you drink may have passed through the digestive tract of Cleopatra, Attila the Hun, or that feral cat you recently saw darting across the street. It may have blessed the disciples of Jesus, diffused the urine of Mammoths, or cooled uranium rods at the Three Mile Island Nuclear power plant. It is all the same water and while the earth is a resilient recycler, it has a limited capacity to cycle at the rate necessary to sustain human life with its exponential population and technological growth. Clean air, water, and land is a birth right. It is a birth right. We must consume the common resources of this planet fairly. Over-consumption and destruction of limited resources breeds contempt. It causes human suffering. Our actions impact the world and we are responsible for the nature of this impact. We are earthlings. We are all earthlings. And divided we fall.

Contatc: Professor Leslie Buck
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 10-11-2002
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