Gay Liberation Network of Chicago

4404 N Magnolia, Suite 420
Chicago, Illinois 60640
United States
Formed in response to three gay-bashings in the Chicago's "Boys Town" neighborhood in September 1998, the Gay Liberation Network is a direct action group that promotes the rights and liberation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people. We do not take a narrow "gay rights only" approach to winning freedom, but work on multiple issues, including anti-police brutality and anti-war organizing. Following our slogan, "An Attack on One is an Attack on ALL," we extend solidarity to all other groups facing many of the same problems of violence, discriminatory legislation and social service cutbacks as we face in the LGBT community. Only by actively extending solidarity to others facing hate and discrimination are we ourselves worthy of receiving such solidarity.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 08-26-2007
Updated on 08-26-2007


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