UMass Dartmouth - Women's Studies

285 Old Westport Road
Group I
N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747
United States
We work to:

Provide students with knowledge of feminist theory, the history and development of women’s movements, and women’s contributions to culture and society in the U.S. and internationally;

Share with students an understanding of the varied feminist perspectives within and across disciplines and the role that feminist theory and practice play in broadening and restructuring disciplinary frameworks;

Help students recognize the cross-cultural/ global context of Women’s Studies and comprehend issues affecting women in different cultural, economic, religious, ethnic and class settings;

Develop in students an awareness of the connection between gender oppression and racism and other forms of oppression;

Help students develop the ability to outline potential strategies for the remedy of social injustice and design agendas for positive individual and collective action to support social change.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 11-23-2004
Updated on 11-24-2004

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