Agape Community

2062 Greenwich Rd.
Ware, Massachusetts 01082
United States
Founded in 1982, Agape is an interfaith, residential community, located on 32 acres of land in the Quabbin Watershed in Central,MA. Agape residents live in a straw bale house, with solar energy, compost toilet and permaculture design. We grow and eat our own organic food and drive a vegetable oil fueled car, getting our grease from Restaurant 99. We teach nonviolence in colleges and other groups, welcome interns and offer sustainability lectures, conferences and retreats at Agape and elsewhere.

We make connections between nonviolence in a gospel-based sense, as well as Gandhian, with models such as Scott and Helen Nearing in what is a life-lived for all to join and consider. We are open to groups coming and to look at the reality of resistance to the war machine through lifestyle and boycott.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 12-10-2004
Updated on 12-10-2004

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