BigPath Flyer: The Draft & Foreign Policy, Scary Old Guys
Flyer title: It's your future. Are you going to leave it in the hands of a bunch of scary old guys?
Flyer Copy/Theme:
These men have had four years to do some good in the world. Instead, at every juncture, they’ve made the worst possible decisions. Nearly 1,100 Americans, most of them 18- to 24-year-olds, have died in Iraq, and despite the spin these talking heads put on it, the situation in Iraq grows worse every day.

With our forces already stretched thin in Iraq, how can they sustain troop strength with an all volunteer army? What happens if George Bush and Dick Cheney decide another oil-rich country needs liberation? Are you ready to put your life on the line to protect Halliburton’s financial interests and a reckless go-it-alone foreign policy? What will it cost to continue in this failed direction for four more years? How many more American lives lost and dollars wasted?

Democracy can’t be forced on an entire nation at gunpoint. The Bush domino theory of freedom spreading like a virus is a failure—cold war theory applied to a completely different kind of enemy. It’s made the world a more dangerous place—heightening tension, creating new breeding grounds for terrorists, increasing hatred toward the U.S. and isolating us from the world when we most need cooperation and support.
Strength and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. John Kerry’s approach to foreign policy is smart and focused and doesn’t cede power to any other country. It calls for international collaboration—a completely realistic expectation when the threat of danger is real. We experienced unprecedented worldwide cooperation in the hunt for Al Qaeda after 9/11.

It’s not us vs. them, it’s order vs. chaos. Just as a block with neighborhood watch is stronger than a single household standing against crime, an alliance focused on common goals is more powerful against its mutual enemies. In Kerry’s plan, America and its allies utilize the latest technology to track terrorist cells, shut down their financial pipelines and carry out strategic attacks to destroy them. This approach fosters regional stability, reduces our risk abroad and increases our safety here at home.

When you vote on November 2nd, you’re not just picking a candidate. You’re choosing the people to control this country’s direction and your destiny for the next four years and beyond. John Kerry offers a cohesive policy based on international cooperation, shared risk and shared expense. George Bush offers four more years of failure.
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