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Flyer title: Number of Coalition/American Deaths in Iraq as of this date.
Flyer Copy/Theme:
The Failure of the Bush Domino Theory in the Middle East: Democracy can’t be forced on an entire nation at gunpoint. The Bush domino theory of freedom spreading like a virus is a failure—cold war theory applied to a completely different kind of enemy. It’s made the world a more dangerous place—heightening tension, creating new breeding grounds for terrorists, increasing hatred toward the U.S. and isolating us from the world when we most need cooperation and support. Despite the Bush/Cheney spin, Iraq remains a disaster. We toppled Saddam Hussein, but we’re mired in a dead-end war that’s accomplished little. What will it cost to continue this failed policy for four more years? How many more American lives lost and dollars wasted?

The Promise of John Kerry’s Approach to the War on Terror: Just as a block with neighborhood watch is stronger than a single household standing against crime, an alliance focused on common goals is more powerful against common enemies. As the leaders of a broad coalition, we can destroy terrorist cells while reducing their ability to finance and carry out attacks. We can foster regional stability, reduce our risk abroad and increase our safety at home. We know that’s a completely realistic expectation—we experienced unprecedented international cooperation after 9/11. We need a leader who can rekindle that spirit of collaboration. John Kerry’s plan offers hope and promise in a cohesive policy based on international cooperation, shared risk and shared expense.

On Nov. 2, We Have a Clear Choice: John Kerry, John Edwards and a Democratic Congress.
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