BigPath Flyer: Why Bush's World is More Dangerous
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Somewhere, in a cave in the Middle East, Osama Bin Laden may be praying for a Bush win on November 2. After all, who’s done more to advance Al-Qaeda’s cause than George Bush? While he talks tough, he won’t face the fact that he not only allowed Bin Laden to escape, but encouraged the creation of a fertile breeding ground for a new generation of terrorists in Iraq.

George Bush has made the world a more dangerous place—heightening tension, creating new breeding grounds for terrorists, increasing hatred toward the U.S. and isolating us from the world when we most need cooperation and support.

On Sept. 30, 2004, George Bush went on stage to debate foreign policy with John Kerry. Instead, Americans saw a president who was weary, inattentive, confused and incoherent.

We don’t think the fate of this country should be left in the hands of a man who’s good at staged pep rallies, but incompetent without a script.

John Kerry offers a cohesive foreign policy based on international cooperation, shared risk and shared expense. He offers not just the hope that comes with new blood, but the words and actions of a lifetime to back it up.
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