The Multicultural, Multiracial Sweat Equity System
The Multicultural Sweat Equity System for Creating The International, Multicultural, Peace Movement headquarters known as: The Networking For Peace Multicultural Cohousing Resource Neighborhood.

Our name, Networking For Peace Multicultural Cohousing Resource Neighborhood, sums up our description. We have a strong focus on peace. We also have a strong focus on actively working to create a world of peace. The word multicultural also describes our second priority: diversity. We greatly welcome and respect diversity in race, sexual orientation, age, religion and everything else about everyone here. Often, many minorities and people from marginalized communities are unable to join a cohousing group because of financial disadvantages. We currently have a sweat equity system which enables people of all social classes and financial backgrounds to become a part of our cohousing neighborhood. We greatly welcome new members to join us at our next meeting. All meeting times and dates are posted on our website and are also available through our free email list. All meetings are free and open to the public. Hope to see you soon!

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Starting a Group

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