Form for Art for the People, Multiracial Library-By-Mail
The mission of multinational corporate media is to circulate a version of the truth created by corporations, filtered by corporate-ad sponsored media employees, and then given directly to people worldwide.

The mission of Art for the People: The N.O. L.I.M.I.T. DIY Multiracial Library-by-mail is to circulate the truth, non-fiction material, directly from the people to the people... worldwide.

There is no limit to the worldwide peace that together, we can accomplish when people work for unity, equality and harmony.

We are a not-for-profit, non-copyright, library by mail that circulate all types of non-fiction, non-corporate material that does not contain bar codes. That includes, but is not limited to, the following:

+ Printed publications (zines, chapbooks, comics, handwritten journals
+ Academic publications (student made newspapers, magazines, thesis.,
+ Audio (spoken word, folk music, activist music, cassette tapes, small records,
+ Video (VCR tapes, DVDs, DIY documentaries,)
+ Open Source software (floppy disc, CD’s, zip drive)
+ Other Artwork (posters, postcards, stickers,)
+ Blogs or Internet Journals printed into publications
+ Differently-abled accessible material (Braille zines, Large print, etc.,)
+ Multilingual Material

Everyday corporations merge into larger multinational media corporations which drown out the voice of the people. Everyday we work harder to network people worldwide so that the voice of the people is heard around the world.

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