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What should I name the online activism software that I'm developing?

Name Suggestions Wanted

I need a good name for the new version of the software that will run on hundreds of websites. I've been using "Grassroots Online Activism Database" but that isn't catchy. I need something short and not technical. Something like GetActive, or Moveon.

Any ideas?

Buy My Book

I wrote a chapter for a book that is finally going to be released within the next month: Student Freedom Revisited.

My chapter is a brief comparison of current and recent student activism with that of the Sixties. The book is a follow-up to one that was originally published in the Sixties ("Student Freedom").

I haven't read the rest of the book, so I don't know if it is good or not. I think I wrote the most politically/progressive/activist-minded chapter, though hopefully other chapters will

Activists should Focus on Stopping Military Recruitment

Recently United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ) held a national assembly in St. Louis. They put too much emphasis on mass mobiziliation (another large demonstration), trying to lobby Congress to stop funding for the Iraq occupation (which doesn't have a chance), and educating the public.

Instead we should be focussing on stopping people from joining the military. I'm guessing there are hundreds or more of recruitment centers around the US. There are something like 1000 JROTC programs (high school) and several hundred ROTC ones (in colleges/universities). In addition, the military recruits even when there isn't a program.

Upcoming Political Upheavel in Mexico?

Apparently the PRD (left) in Mexico has a canidate with an excellent shot at winning the 2006 presidential election. So the other two political parties, and the US, are working to disbar him from running. People are mobilizing in his support.

Mexico: US inspired Coup d'Etat

Why It's Ok to Torture, Kill and Eat Animals

I'm not a hard core animal rights activist (probably less than 5% of my time is spent on that issue), but I am interested in how the oppression of animals is so easily seperated from other forms of oppression.

Most progressive activists believe in a common anti-oppression doctrine that says that oppression by either race, gender, class or sexual orientation is very bad. Until recently class was viewed to be the most significant factor and most activists ignored race, gender and sexual orientation up until the Sixties/Seventies.

From my participation in activism, I think there is generally little to be gained by arguments about whether oppression by race, gender, class or sexual orientation is generally worse. You can say things like the racial divide in the student movement is worse than the other factors. Or you could argue that students at Notre Dame face the greatest discrimination based on sexual orientation (as they aren't meant to even form clubs). However, for the most part, it is safer to argue that these forms of oppression are just very different in how they operate, and yet also very similar.

Adventures with CivicSpace Modules

I have been learning how to use CivicSpace and how to program modules for CivicSpace/Drupal.

You can see my trial edition of CivicSpace with modules that reproduce some of the functionality. Currently you can view things in tables, sort them, and see individual instances.

The Iron Cage and the End of Web Development

I predict that either Microsoft or Google will attempt to monopolize website development by creating a content-management-system that is linked to their search engine (includes it for searching within your site and also for searching the internet), and possibly operating system (if Microsoft does it).

It is possible that a growing push for standardization and the need to validate one's html code (due to the demands of XML - or other systems for doing a better job of sorting everything on the web using tags), and due to typical corporate practices (witness what happenned to radio), there will be a rationalization in the website development business. We will move from having millions of different types of websites to fewer and fewer.

Sit-In! A Tactical Analysis

I recently wrote up a short version of what I learned while writing my master's thesis. It is useful for student activists who have a campaign - because you should consider doing a sit-in.

Sit-In! A Tactical Analysis

The Midwest Academy Organizing Model - Several Criticisms

Several important criticisms of the Midwest Academy's model which is commonly used in the student movement (ex. Grassroots Organizing Weekend - GROW trainings)

The Midwest Academy Organizing Model - Several Criticisms

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