Boycott Boston University!
(Facilitator: Operation: Over )
A call for a student boycott of Boston University

If you were considering attending Boston University next year, please don't. Some of your tuition money will go towards funding a bioweapons lab in Roxbury, the poorest neighborhood of Boston, populated primarily by minorities. The Biolab, which will include a BioSafety Level 4 (BSL-4) component, will be located just blocks from a low-income housing project and a prison, and will be doing "biodefense" research on the most deadly incurable airborne pathogens on Earth, such as anthrax, Ebola, and the plague. BU has been extremely secretive, and the research that will go on in the Biolab will be likely illegal, violating a 1994 Boston Public Health Commission regulation against doing recombinant DNA research at BSL-4 facilities. Since the Department of Homeland Security has given BU a $127 million grant to help fund the lab, BU will have no control over its first 20 years of research.

Community groups have been working against this Biolab for the last three years, but BU has been all but ignoring them. It's time to stop being polite and hit BU where it hurts: their funding. If you're making a decision between going to BU and some other school, please support the autonomy and self-determination of residents of Roxbury, and the health and safety of all of New England, and go to some other school.
This boycott is part of Operation: Over, a direct action campaign against militarism in Boston. Please spread the word! Forward this call far and wide and if you know of anyone thinking of going to BU, please convince them not to. If you know any BU students, please talk to them about this issue.

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Added on 02-24-2006
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