TBI Raiders
TBI Raiders is an organization that has different programs within it.

TBI Raiders was created for the purpose of helping students and young adults who had sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury succeed at the dreams they wanted to achieve in both school and life. There are many opportunities volunteers will find within the organization. They will have a role within the organization, be part of a committee, learn job skills, and much more! The organization is working its way to become a non-profit organization.

Survived to Vote is to help get issues affecting both the Traumatic Brain Injury Community and Disability Community out to the candidates running in an election.

TBI's Corner is to help get out education on Traumatic Brain Injury. This is to get out education on how the disability affects those at the elementary level, junior high level, high school level, college/university level, and workforce.
Geographical Scope: State
Added on 07-18-2006
Updated on 01-30-2010


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