Liberian Permanent Residency Attached to Supplemental Spending Bill
(Facilitator: Torli Krua)
10,000 Liberians in the USA due to civil war may be granted permanent residency if an amendment to the Supplemental Spending bill introduced by US senator Jack Reed D-RI passes committee. Liberia is a country establised by African Americans in 1847. The US Dollar is legal tender. The flag is a replica of the US flag , except it has one star. During the days of slavery and the struggle for civil rights, Liberia offered automatic citizenship to all US citizens of color. Indeed, 13 presidents of Liberia were American natives forced to seek refuge in Liberia because of slavery and racial segregation. After accepting Americans for over 150 years, the USA has a moral responsibility to allow Liberians in the USA to be granted permanent residency. Liberia will be rebuild by Liberians. By granting permanent residency to Liberians already in the USA, this will afford them the opportunity to acquire the tools, resources, skills and education to rebuild their country. The Liberians have here legally, worked for over 14 years paid taxes but have been banned from all benefits of taxes. It's time for fairness for Liberians.
Geographical Scope: National
Added on 04-18-2005
Updated on 04-18-2005



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