Students Rising: The 5th Anniversary Summit of the Campus Antiwar Network

Starting Date: 10-19-2007
Ending Date: 10-21-2007

Madison, Wisconsin 53701
United States
Join students from dozens of campuses converging on the Midwest this fall to shape the future of the student antiwar movement...

From Colin Powell's "evidence" of Saddam's WMDs presented at the UN six weeks before the invasion to General Petraeus' "progress" in Iraq, the need for a movement to navigate the lies used to justify this war couldn't be more clear. More and more students are committing themselves to building such a movement as Congress moves to put billions more into Bush's war budget this fall.

CAN's 5th anniversary summit will be the place for student-activists to shape the future of the movement through debates and strategy-planning, learn from each other by sharing organizing experiences, and discuss the ins and outs of occupation and resistance during workshops organized by student-activists, antiwar veterans and prominent academics and experts.
Geographical Scope: National

Campus Antiwar Network 

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