SEIU Local 24/7 Security Workers Strike

Starting Date: 09-24-2007
Starting Time: 7:30am
Ending Date: 09-28-2007

1 Front
San Francisco, California
United States
Security Officers Are Standing Up and Ready to Strike for their Civil Rights!

“Security companies break the law every day. Now we are coming together to stop them from walking all over us. We will not be silenced.”

SEIU 24/7
Bargaining Committee

On Saturday, Sept. 15, SEIU Local 24/7, the Bay Area’s security officers’ union representing nearly 6,000 security officers in San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa counties, voted overwhelmingly to authorize the leadership of the union to call an unfair labor practice strike when necessary to defend security officers’ rights.

San Francisco’s security workers have had enough and are planning to take to the streets to demand the city’s wealthiest property owners, including Morgan Stanley, instruct their contractors to end poverty wages and provide decent health care benefits.

Mostly people of color and new immigrants, San Francisco’s security workers who guard these multi-billion dollar buildings are the lowest paid earning less than parking attendants and janitors. Because of these poverty conditions security workers sometimes have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

The clock is now ticking and we can all make a difference here in San Francisco to end poverty wages and win back healthcare for a predominately African American workforce!

All week we’ve been building the drumbeat to this week of action. We’ve had press conferences, tons of media coverage and short demonstrations. Now from the 24th – 28th of September please join hundreds of human rights activists, community leaders, ministers and congregations to show security contractors and property owners that the community stands with security workers and the struggle.

If we come together we can insure that these workers rights are respected and that they are treated with the dignity they deserve!

We need you.

Sep 24 – 28, 2007, Financial District, San Francisco

How can I support San Francisco’s low wage security workers get decent wages and health care?

1) Demonstrate your support by joining folks on the streets during the week of Sep - Mon. 24th to Fri. 28th.

Action times every day that week are:
• 7.30am – 9.00am: Meet At 1 Front (near Embarcadero BART)
• 12pm - Meet at 1 Front
• 4pm-6pm: Meet at 1 Front

We strongly encourage folks to volunteer for the entire week or for an entire day.
Geographical Scope: Local
Day of Action

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